December 21, 2021

Boiler Warranty Guide

It’s always a good idea to check for a guarantee on a new boiler before making a purchase. A one-year guarantee from most boiler manufacturers is standard practice. As long as your boiler is still covered by its original manufacturer’s warranty, most boiler installation firms will replace it without hesitation if it fails to function.


Why a boiler warranty isn’t the same as a boiler guarantee

Guarantees are statements given from one person to another about whether or not a condition will be fulfilled, such as the quality of a product or its projected life span. Most warranties include repair, return, or replacement if a product fails to satisfy the conditions.

The same holds true if a retailer promises a specific attribute of a product. When it comes down to it, warranties and guarantees are really just different ways of saying the same thing.


What kind of warranty do you receive when you buy a new boiler?

For the most part, boiler manufacturers go above and above the legally mandated levels of assurance and warranty. All boilers come with a basic one-year warranty, although this may be extended. As a matter of fact, many boiler suppliers and manufacturers give guarantees spanning anywhere from seven to twelve years of service (occasionally even 14 years).

The ‘Consumer Rights Act of 2015,’ which protects you in almost all of your transactions, is another option. The customer is entitled to a free repair or replacement and a price reduction if the repair fails after 30 days, according to the legislation.

Furthermore, Between 30 days and six months, a defect may arise. Such an incident is regarded to be pre-existing unless the provider proves that their goods was fault-free when it arrived at the customer’s doorstep.

According to the Consumer Rights Act, your new boiler will be replaced or repaired within a certain time period after you acquire it. Manufacturers generally provide boiler warranties and guarantees that go above and beyond the minimum legal requirements.


Is my boiler covered by any kind of warranty?

Most manufacturers’ warranties cover the first year of use, but others will allow you to extend it. Because even the greatest boilers sometimes malfunction, it’s vital to understand your warranty in order to save money. Warranties on boilers

Do some research if your boiler breaks down and find out whether the warranty covers any repairs. Whether or if your boiler is covered by warranty, you should inquire. Find out how to make a claim from your paperwork.

Your receipt, an email, or a separate warranty brochure may include the information. The papers will also define how long the warranty is valid and what you are entitled to, such as a repair, refund, or replacement of the papers.

Depending on the manufacturer, the procedure for obtaining a warranty may be somewhat different. You’ll normally need the following to file a claim:

  • a receipt or other proof of purchase showing where and when you bought the goods.
  • The warranty is a scanned copy.
  • The specifics of the issue.


How long does a new boiler come with a warranty?

Manufacturers of boilers are responding to market restrictions by giving differing warranties for different models in today’s competitive market. Extended warranties, which may range from 2 to 14 years, are becoming more common in today’s market.

If your boiler breaks down during the warranty term, the manufacturer will send a technician to repair it or replace it for free. In order to maintain any manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee:

  • Gas Safe Engineers installed the boiler according to industry requirements
  • The yearly boiler service was carried out by a licenced Gas Safe professional.
  • Boiler installation certificates must be registered within 30 days after installation.
  • A payment is required before a boiler repair technician would come to your home.

The gas safety record must be preserved. The manufacturer’s service record provides all of the service information. Don’t forget to save receipts and invoices in a safe place.


What Does a Warranty Include?

There are a wide range of warranty options available from different manufacturers. Internal parts of your boiler are often covered by a warranty, such as:

  • The flue of the boiler
  • Pump
  • Heat exchanger has a malfunction.
  • Control of the PCB

Read the warranty papers from your manufacturer to find out what is covered. You should have received a copy of your boiler’s warranty agreement along with the boiler itself when it was first installed.


Is it possible to register a boiler for a certain period of time?

You must inform local authorities within 30 days after installing a boiler in order to meet laws. A qualified Gas Safe engineer must also be used to install the boiler. A valid installation certificate is required for any gas installation on your home.


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