September 7, 2021

Should I Swap To A Combi-Boiler?

Combi-boilers continue to gain in favour because they provide a variety of advantages for home heating. The combi-boiler is a popular choice among installers and consumers because it provides efficient heating in a small device. Find out how installing a combination boiler may enhance your home’s heating while saving you money.


Heating system you already have

Heaters that use conventional boilers are a more traditional way to heat your house. A conventional boiler, also known as a normal boiler or a heat-only boiler, is frequently found in older homes. For installation, these systems need a lot of area, since they require a significant amount of space for cold water tanks and cold water cisterns. A combi-boiler is the best option for homes with high hot water needs since it can deliver hot water to numerous faucets at once.


Why switch to a Combination boiler instead of a regular boiler?

As the name implies, combi boilers deliver heating and hot water from the mains simultaneously. A separate hot water tank is not required, making them very space-efficient.

Boilers that generate heat only when needed – Combi-boilers may save you money by only producing heat when needed, making them a great option for those seeking to save money on their heating costs.

Save on installation costs – Combination boilers do not need a tank in the roof area, which means less pipe and a faster installation.

As a result of the wide range of heat outputs and flow rates, there is a combi boiler to fit every home size. Prior to installation, your gas safety certified engineer will determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home.

Comparing combi boilers to conventional boilers and system boilers, combi boilers have a number of advantages. Some properties may not be suited to the use of these products, nevertheless You can find out what size boiler you need for your house by reading our boiler size guide.


Combi-Boiler Installation Costs

Numerous variables influence the price of a new combi-boiler, including its brand and size. Changing systems is more complicated than just replacing the boiler, therefore the installation procedure will be more expensive.

Changing from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler may also increase the total cost, so expect to spend extra if you’re switching from a conventional boiler to a combi.


Best Time To Swap To A Combi-Boiler

It is during the colder months that experienced installers are busy because of malfunctions and frozen pipes caused by the cold weather.

Summertime boiler replacement means that you may choose a period that is more convenient to you. You will not have to wait or pay for a costly emergency call out when you really need your boiler to work! In addition, you will have more time to choose a Gas Safe Registered installation.

As a homeowner and a contractor, there are several advantages to having your boiler serviced or replaced during warmer months of the year. In the winter, engineers are typically busier owing to boiler failures as people use them more often when the temperatures drop and people start using them more frequently. Since engineers are in less demand, installation times may be scheduled at your convenience.


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