July 3, 2023

Introducing Elite Energy

We've rebranded! Elite Group Services is now Elite Energy.

We’re thrilled to share some big news with you. You’ve probably noticed that things look a little different around here. That’s because we’ve given our company a bit of a makeover. Elite Group is now Elite Energy.

Why Elite Energy?

When we first began trading we were your stereotypical plumbing and heating company, but over the last decade the market has evolved – and us along with it. As the climate crisis we face has became more and more apparent, we have been at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, and over time this has changed the direction and focus of the company. We are now fully committed to reducing the UK’s carbon emissions – and our new branding reflects this.

What has changed? How will this affect me?

You might have noticed we’ve got a new logo – we’ve tried to keep the spirit of the old logo intact, whilst modernising the design and making it more relevant to who we are as a company. We’ve added an earth-green colour to our branding, due to our focus on green energy and renewable products.

You might have noticed that if you try to visit our old website it will direct you to our new domain – www.elitenergy.co.uk. Other than some cosmetic changes, our website is still the same as it was previously, and you’ll find everything you need in the same place as before.

You can now find us on social media as ‘Elite Energy’. If you already follow us, you’ll notice that our account names have been changed to reflect our new branding, we’ll continue using these accounts and we’ll announce any new funding or schemes as normal.

When our staff come out to visit your home, whether for a survey or an installation, you’ll notice that our uniforms and ID badges have changed. If you’re unsure whether someone is a real Elite Energy employee, ask them to present their ID card and scan the QR code on the back – this will instantly confirm their identity if they’re a genuine employee.

Does this mean the funding application process will change?

No. All of our application forms are still active, and you’ll find them in the same places as you did previously. Any open applications will be processed as normal, there’s no need to re-apply. Your point of contact will remain the same, our team hasn’t changed at all – the only things that are different are the points mentioned above.

Have any questions about the rebrand? Need a quote? Give us a call on 01325 466 016 or request a quote online.