June 23, 2022

What’s The Cost of an Air Source Heat Pump?

With the announcement that gas boilers would be outlawed in the future and air source heat pumps being marketed as the ideal alternative, a common question is “how much does it cost to install an air source heat pump?” This is not a really straightforward question to answer. However, we have supplied several typical installation situations and a general cost estimate for each installation in this post.


The many varieties of air-source heat pumps

There are two kinds of air source heat pumps on the market (air to water and air to air), but since 90% of UK houses have central heating, which utilises hot water to heat properties, the majority of homeowners will be contemplating air to water heat pumps. This is because to the ease with which they may be modified to fit the existing plumbing and construction of a centrally heated home. Therefore, this article focuses only on the installation expenses of air-to-water heat pumps.

If you would want to learn more about the many kinds of heat pumps, please refer to our article: What exactly is an air-to-air heat pump?


Costs of heat pump installation in detached homes

£8,000 to £16,000 is the average cost of installation for a detached home.

The size of your home is a major impact in the cost to install an air-source heat pump. Larger houses need larger heat pumps to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year, and larger heat pumps are often more expensive to purchase and install. The greater the size of your home, the more costly the installation is going to be.


Costs of semi-detached and terraced home installation

£7,000 to £10,000 is the average cost of installation for a semi-detached or terraced dwelling.

Due to their smaller size, semi-detached and terraced homes will likely have cheaper installation costs than detached homes, however this may be determined by the size of the home. The cost of installation for these properties may also be impacted by the simplicity of installation, and it may rise if there is limited flexibility on where the heat pump may be put.


Installation fees for a condominium or apartment

£6,000 to £8,000 is the average installation cost for a flat or apartment.

As the smallest properties available, flats and apartments will need the smallest and most affordable air source heat pumps to satisfy their heating needs. However, the installation of an air source heat pump in a flat or apartment is likely to be more difficult than in a home, particularly for flats and apartments located above the ground level.


What factors impact the cost to install an air-source heat pump?

The total cost of your installation might be determined by a variety of variables. We’ve included some of the most prevalent cost reasons below.


Easiness of installation

As the complexity of heat pump installation increases, so does the expense. This is because it may take longer to install and may involve additional work on your property, such as the installation of new pipes.

The kind of air-source heat pump you have installed might also impact the ease of installation; monobloc heat pumps are easier to install than split heat pumps. When deciding between monobloc and split air-source heat pumps, there are a number of factors to consider. This is discussed in further depth here: Which is Better: Split Heat Pumps or Monobloc Heat Pumps?


The energy efficiency of the home

In general, the size of the air source heat pump you will need will be determined by the size of your house. However, the energy efficiency of your home will also play a role. This is due to the fact that heat pumps are less efficient when they are put in poorly insulated buildings. If your house lacks proper insulation, double-paned windows, or other energy-saving features, it will lose a great deal of heat. The greater the property’s heat loss, the larger the air source heat pump required. This may significantly increase the cost of installation, since you will need a bigger, more costly heat pump that may take longer to install.


What has been installed

The cost of installing an air source heat pump might also be affected by the kind of central heating system you have. This is due to the fact that the majority of heat pumps need a separate hot water storage tank for hot running water. If your house has a conventional boiler or system boiler, you just need to replace your old hot water tank with one that is compatible with your air source heat pump. However, if you have a combi boiler, you will need to have additional plumbing installed to accommodate the addition of a hot water storage tank, and you will need to choose a suitable location for it. This complicates the installation procedure and is likely to raise the price.


Air Source Heat Pump Voucher

Since the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme came into effect in April 2022, you may lower the cost of installing an air source heat pump by applying for a government subsidy. Depending on the kind of heat pump you have installed, you may be eligible for up to £6,000 in installation cost reimbursement. To learn more about how this works, as well as other available programmes, we suggest reading our other post about the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.


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