February 17, 2022

What Happens During An ECO3 Home Survey?

Anyone reading this who is aware of the ECO3 program’s advantages and has or is contemplating booking a home survey should already be aware of the program’s benefits. If not, then read on to find out exactly what a surveyor will be looking at in home and how you should prepare for a home visit.


Information About An ECO3 Home Survey?

You may be disappointed if you aren’t qualified for the funding, so we advise using the our eligibility check form.

First of all, congrats if you’ve met the requirements and qualify! Making your house more energy efficient and cost-effective is just a few steps away from being a reality. You will be more comfortable and better off in the long run if you do your part to help the environment.

The large energy firms are footing the bill, and along with the government, they’re aiming to make buildings more energy efficient and cut carbon emissions by 2035.

There are a number of things you may want to know about the scope of your ECO3 Home Survey before or after you’ve scheduled it. Surveyors are going to focus on five areas:

  • Attic & Basement / Cellar
  • Internal & External Walls
  • Central Heating & Boiler System
  • Lighting
  • Windows & Doors

Your property’s surveyor will have performed their own EPC assessment ahead of time so they know exactly where modifications or actions are needed to make it more energy efficient and in line with government standards.

Prior to the planned ECO3 house survey, please ensure that the surveyor has safe and easy access to the loft and basement (if applicable). Similarly, make sure that any outside walls are accessible, if at all feasible. Because if this isn’t done, not only will the day of the survey be pushed back, but any future maintenance or repairs will be put on hold as well.

When the surveyor arrives, he or she may ask you a few generic questions about the property, but nothing too in-depth. You know your house better than anyone else, therefore if there are any issues with it, please tell the surveyor.

For an ECO3 survey, the surveyor will do it in accordance with its size and style, and the sequence in which it is carried out will depend on the surveyor’s preference. Surveyors must submit a detailed report to the regulating organisations to receive your ECO3 funding, which is a lengthy process. In order to submit an application for an ECO3 award, the surveyor will have to take images of the property to corroborate their findings.

Although the survey should only take 45-60 minutes depending on the size, accessibility and type of the measures (problems) that need to be handled at the property, this is subject to change according to a variety of factors. To ensure that the property can be accessed, the survey will be undertaken at a time and date that is convenient for you.

However, even if you complete the eligibility requirements, it does not ensure that you will be given the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ECO3 grant. For the property to be livable, it must be structurally sound Structural repairs and new construction are not covered by the ECO3 award.

Whether or whether the property meets the requirements will be determined by the results of the ECO3 survey.

Upon completion of the ECO3 house survey report, the findings will be sent to the homeowner or renter. Within two business days, you’ll receive this report. Afterwards, your ECO3 grant application will be sent. Due to the present economic circumstances brought on by Covid, it may take up to eight weeks after the application has been completed before any updates are received.


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