July 16, 2021

What Causes A Leaky Tap?

Plumbing leaks happen in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as on the pipes under your sinks or from your radiators. The most frequent type of leak is a leaky tap. Allowing your tap to leak slowly day after day might lead to a more serious plumbing problem that you can avoid. The following is what’s causing the leak in your bathroom or kitchen:

Parts that have been damaged or worn out

Do you have a constant trickle from your tap that makes you want to tear it right off the sink? All indications point to the washer in the tap needing to be changed. However, if you have a compression tap, the seals may be damaged since the water pressure is continually held back while the tap is closed. If you have a cartridge tap, you may need to replace the cartridge or the moving parts (O-rings, input and outlet seals).

High Water Pressure

Is your tap leaking at certain times of day, such as at night or when no other plumbing fixture is in use? This might indicate that your water pressure is very high, which becomes an issue when no other taps or plumbing fixtures in your home are in use (or throughout the neighborhood). Small leaks in your tap might lead to pinhole breaches in the pipes, which can increase over time. Consider hiring a plumber to assess and restore your water pressure to its appropriate level.

The Plumbing Has Cracks

When a plumbing pipe cracks or a fitting becomes loose, it will leak here as well as at the nearest tap. Inspect the plumbing beneath the sink if you observe a gradual but constant leak from your tap. Examine the connections between the pipes for any tiny cracks, holes, or loose fittings. If you’re not sure if the leak is beyond the walls or not, get your plumbing examined by a professional plumber.

Why care about a leaky tap in the first place?

The impact of even a single leaking tap in the home is frequently grossly underestimated by homeowners. Leaving aside the likelihood that a leaking tap indicates a larger plumbing problem, a single faulty tap might account for up to 10% of your water cost. If you’re looking to save energy costs in your home, this is something you’d want to get fixed immediately.

That’s only the beginning of the issue. Sinks aren’t meant for a slow, continuous trickle of water, and a leak may create all sorts of weird things, especially if your water is hard enough to leave mineral stains and deposits where it’s running. This might result in a difficult-to-clean mess, broken sealants, or even damage that necessitates a sink replacement.

Finally, environmentally conscious households should be aware that, when added together, household leaks can waste thousands upon thousands of gallons of water each year, enough to fill a bathtub hundreds of times.

You Can Rely On Elite Group To Repair Your Leaks

If you notice a leaky tap in your house, make sure it is repaired as soon as possible, before it becomes a hassle you don’t need. When you call Len The Plumber, you can relax knowing that we’ll not only cure your leak, but we’ll also figure out why it happened and fix the source of the problem.

So, if your leaky tap needs to be repaired or replaced, call the experts at Elite Group to learn more or to make an appointment.