December 31, 2021

Useful Plumbing Tips For The New Year

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, there are numerous things that may go wrong, such as leaky faucets or clogged pipes. Incorrectly repairing a little plumbing issue may quickly grow into a much more expensive undertaking, so it’s understandable that you’d prefer to bring in a professional. So, here are a few plumbing tips for dealing with small plumbing issues that you may find beneficial.


Know Where Your Shutoffs Are

Remember to take note of the position of the water shutoff tap when you move into a new home! If you can locate and turn off the stop tap, you’ll be able to prevent expensive damage from any leaks. This can save you a lot of trouble and panic when the twist of a tap can put an instant stop to any disasters at your property.


Check For Pipes Before Any DIY Work

To prevent accidentally puncturing any supply or drainage pipes, check behind the desired drilling location to see whether any pipes exist. Find any hidden pipes with a cheap stud finder! Have a quick Google on the best ways to check for important pipes in your home, don’t just go mindlessly drilling in your home as you could cause pandemonium!


Flush Toilet Paper Only!

Don’t use your toilet as a trash bin! This one may seem obvious, but we’ve seen it all. Almost anything other than toilet paper or “flushable” wipes may clog a toilet if flushed down the drain. It’s simple, if it’s not toilet paper, don’t flush it!


Keep Your Kitchen Drains Clean

Drains may get clogged if food scraps, oil, vegetable peelings, and starchy items are flushed down them. We can all be guilty of this, rinsing a plate here and there and letting little pieces of food build up just to be rinsed down the drain. Out of sight, out of mind right? Not really, these food items can get clogged in your pipes and cause a plethora of issues. Get a drain protector to catch anything that isn’t water!


Have A Plunger In Your Arsenal

This is one of our most recommended plumbing tips. Having a high-quality plunger on hand is usually a smart idea. Blocked toilets, sinks, and drains may all be cleared with their assistance. It’s surprising how many homes don’t have a plunger lying around! It’s the easiest fix and can save on the callout costs of an emergency plumber.


Plunger Alternatives

Speaking of not having a plunger, using a hoover is an excellent way to remove a hard foreign item like a child’s toy or toothbrush from a drain. Assuming you’re lucky enough to get the thing out, a suction cup will do the job instead of a plunger.


Don’t Let Leaks Manifest

Dripping faucets and leaking pipes are literally wasting money! You can waste up to 910 litres of water per day from a running toilet, and 36 litres per day from a dripping / leaking tap. So, if you fix any little leaks right away, you’ll save money on your water bills and avoid having to pay for a much bigger issue in the future.


Not Too Tight!

Don’t put too much pressure on the screws! Many times, overtightening fittings and connections results in broken bolts or stripped screws! If you think there’s something wrong with your pipework and everything seems secure, don’t give it an extra tighten. Contact your local plumber for advice to avoid making things worse.


‘Plumbers Tape’

Plumbers tape or miracle tape as we like to call it! Make sure you have a supply of plumbers’ tape, sometimes known as Teflon tape. Sealing pipe threads with this helps prevent leaks at fitting and junction locations. It’s important to note that the yellow tape is used for gas connections, while the white tape is used for plumbing. It’s always handy to fix minor problems with your pipes, don’t try to fix serious leaks with this though, just call a plumber.


To Summarise

Keep an eye out for leaks. Leaks in plumbing appliances and pipes may quickly develop into an expensive and time-consuming repair, so it’s important to keep an eye on them. The general rule is to keep on top of things, plumbing problems usually start out small and can be prevented from developing any further with our simple plumbing tips above.


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