April 14, 2022

The Best Time To Service Your Boiler Is Now

Getting your boiler serviced is something that is sometimes forgotten when it comes to routine maintenance. The primary reason for this is because many homeowners incorrectly believe that there is nothing wrong with their boiler since it has not yet caused them any problems. However, you must ensure that your boiler is maintained on a yearly basis, and there is a perfect time of year to do so, which is right now! The months of Spring through Summer are the best time to service your boiler, and here’s why:


Your boiler is not in use at this time

A large number of people leave their boilers off during the spring / summer months, and since they are not in use, this is an excellent opportunity to get them serviced before turning them back on for the autumn and winter. Despite the fact that you are not using it, it has worked exceptionally hard over the previous winter, and you have plenty of time to have it fixed before the next winter arrives.


Any problems may be resolved

The last thing that any homeowner wants is when the cold weather returns and you switch on the boiler and have problems heating your home. Heating specialists will have an easier time identifying any problems with your boiler or anything else that may need to be fixed with your central heating system if you get it serviced during the summer. This will assist you in ensuring that your boiler is ready for the winter and one less thing to worry about during the busy season.


Waiting periods are becoming shorter

There is normally a considerable wait period if you are wanting to get your boiler serviced during the winter months, mostly because everyone else is also hoping to have their boiler serviced during this time. Get your heating system serviced as soon as possible to stay on top of things!


Make your reservation at a time that is convenient for you

If you want to service your boiler during the autumn and winter months, it might be tough since it is difficult to find a time that is available and suits your schedule. Most of this is due to the fact that heating engineers are more busy during the winter months as opposed to the summer as that’s when everybody realises there are problems with their boiler. When scheduling a boiler service in the less busy period, you will have a greater selection of hours and days to choose from to accommodate your schedule.


Enjoy complete tranquillity of mind

Having the assurance that your boiler has been maintained and is ready for winter will provide you with piece of mind, knowing that you will not have to worry about your boiler breaking down on you when you need it the most! It’s always better to plan ahead than to be left in dire straits.


Service your boiler

In order to schedule a boiler service with one of our Gas Safe licenced experts in the North East and beyond, please get in contact with us by phoning us on 01325 466016