August 3, 2021

Summer Plumbing Issues To Be Aware Of

With the wonderful weather that we’re experiencing in the UK, it is certain that your whole family and group of friends will be enjoying the outdoors while also maintaining the garden, which will result in much higher water use! Here are a few of the most typical summer plumbing issues to be aware of.


1. Toilet Blockages

Whether the kids are out of school or you’re hosting a 30 person barbecue, most households experience an increase in bathroom usage over the summer. This puts you at greater risk of a blockage. If waste cannot properly flow out, it may make its way back up the toilet, causing a very unpleasant flood! In most instances, a simple plunger would work, but in more severe cases, you may need to contact your local plumber to come out and unblock it for you.


2. Washing Machine Overuse

With all of those sunny days in the garden or at the beach, it’s probable that you’ll be wearing more & more different clothing for both kids and adults, and your laundry load will rise over the summer, potentially doing multiple washes everyday! Waterlines are often damaged or clogged as a result of the additional wash cycles. If your machine isn’t cleaning as well as it should or doesn’t appear to be drawing in water correctly, we suggest contacting a plumber before the problem persists and develops.


3. Dripping Garden Taps

Many of us spend a bit more time gardening and keeping the grass and plants around the home looked after when we begin to utilise our outside areas more in the summer. Garden taps may wear out over time due to frequent watering of plants and lawns, especially if they’ve been left unused for many months prior. A leaky tap is one of the most frequent problems we encounter, and it’s usually a straightforward remedy. While it might not bother you, it is a waste of water & energy that could save you money on your bills!


4. Clogged Drain Lines

Those of us who live in the United Kingdom can usually count on a lot of rain throughout the summer in between the heatwaves. Summer thunderstorms have a tendency to drop a huge amount of water in a short period of time, raising the danger of a backlog blockage. Toilet water backing up in the bathtub drain and numerous drains blocked at the same time (especially in areas you don’t use frequently) are signs of a back-up. If you discover either, you should contact a professional plumber in your area as soon as possible. They will come to your home to fully examine the pipes and make any required repairs.

Finally, be on the lookout for any other water leaks around the house. These may happen at any time of year, but if they go untreated, they can lead to far larger and more costly issues. Check out our guide on how to avoid plumbing emergencies.

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