October 6, 2021

Save Money This Christmas On Your Central Heating

Everybody’s central heating expenditures go up around Christmas because it’s such a special time of year. Since it’s getting darker earlier and colder, we’re relying more on our boilers, especially while throwing holiday gatherings.

In order to start the new year with a little more cash, how can we lower our energy usage and save money?

During the holiday season, here are our top six tips for saving money on your heating.


Radiators should be bled to ensure proper operation.

The primary reason for bleeding your radiators is because your central heating system’s efficiency has been reduced due to air entering the system. in the home’s heating and cooling system. Turning on your central heating and feeling your radiator is the easiest way to make sure. In general, if the radiator is hot on the bottom and chilly on the top, it’s got air in it.

To learn how to bleed your radiators step-by-step, see this blog post.


Reduce the temperature in your home

The’step-down’ challenge can be used to reduce your heating costs if they are out of control. Your heating bill can be reduced up to 10% by lowering your thermostat by only one degree. Normal temperature range is 18- 21°C… how low can you go?

Also, keep an eye out for common thermostat blunders. Turning the heat up doesn’t speed up the process of warming up your space, as is commonly believed. Using this approach will only result in astronomical increases in your energy costs.


Heating Water Purification for Central Systems

Using the right water treatment chemicals to clean your heating system can help you save money by reducing the likelihood of a boiler breakdown. The use of water treatment chemicals can increase the useful life of your boiler by up to 15 years, saving you money on your gas cost.

Corrosion, ferrous metal sludge, and limescale buildup in the heating system are all caused by air infiltration over time. This harmful waste will block your boiler’s small waterways if you don’t use the proper water treatment, making your boiler work harder to heat your home. Find out if your system need therapy by reading more about it here.

When it comes to central heating water purification, a 360-degree strategy works best. Then, request that your contractor perform a thorough powerflush and install a boiler filter to keep your heating system free of junk in the future.


Comfortable Furnishings and Their Value

Adding simple soft furnishings like drapes or a strategically placed rug can go a long way toward reducing your heating costs.

Thick materials help keep heat from escaping through openings in the house’s exterior, such as windows and doors. If you have a hard floor, investing in some high-quality materials like a plush rug can make a huge impact.

Rearranging your furnishings is an option. Large sofas often block radiators, preventing the rest of the room from heating up.


Smart Controls

Controls for your boiler-powered central heating system are critical. Your home’s temperature is regulated by these devices, which work by turning the heating on and off automatically based on user input. Complete heating controls should include a timer/programmer/room thermostat/thermostatic radiator valves if available.

The newest heating technology, smart thermostats, promise an entirely new level of heating control. As long as you have an internet-connected device (phone, tablet, or desktop) in your home, you can use these devices to control your heating remotely. Even the most expensive versions can learn your heating patterns and set your favourite temperatures on their own at specific times of the day, depending on your schedule. Homeowners on a budget will appreciate their ability to keep tabs on their heating costs thanks to these devices.


Use electric heating

Electric heaters and fires are a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

Electric heating is a great option for homeowners because of how easy and cost-effective it is to install. Electric fireplaces are ideal for houses without a chimney because they don’t use wood.

When you don’t need the rest of your central heating on, an electric radiator is perfect for heating up chilly spots in your home. Electric radiators have higher initial expenditures but provide more instant heat than radiators connected to the central heating system.

Electric fires emit no smoke or smells because they don’t burn solid fuels, thus they’re low maintenance. When it comes to heating a home quickly while also saving money and the environment, gas fireplaces are a terrific option.


Government Grants – ECO3

The governments latest energy efficiency scheme ECO3 (Energy Company Obligation) is running until March 2022. Under this scheme, homeowners in receipt of government benefits could be eligible for free boilers, insulation & other energy saving measures. What better way to save money this Christmas than free (or heavily subsidised) upgrades?

Check if you qualify on our ECO3 eligibility check page.


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