January 25, 2022

Gas Safe Engineers: Why It’s Important To Use One

The Gas Safe Register is a government-issued list of companies that are legally licenced to do gas work. Every registered firm must hire an engineer or engineers, each of whom is given a Gas Safe ID card. Not all engineers are certified to perform all sorts of gas work, so double-check their credentials before proceeding.


Why You Should Use A Gas Safe Engineer

I’m sure we’ve all known someone who believes they can do anything and do it flawlessly. Even if you have a friend that has read the boiler instruction manual from beginning to end, it does not guarantee that they will do the task correctly. Simply tell them ‘no thanks’ if they are not gas safe registered. It just takes one minor mistake to turn a piece of equipment into a hazardous weapon.

It’s also worth noting that permitting someone who isn’t gas safe registered to work on your boiler is against the law. You are endangering not only yourself and your family, but also the people in your immediate vicinity.


It Will Cost You More In The Long Run

So your friend who isn’t gas safe registered says he will do it on the cheap. ‘Wonderful,’ you think, ‘that’ll save me a few quid.’ However, it isn’t ideal.

Aside from the fact that your boiler will become more unsafe, it will almost certainly cost more than you anticipate. According to the BBC, the British taxpayer wastes £100 million a year in resolving unlawful gas jobs. Fixing issues created by shoddy fitters ends up costing an extra 25% on average.


“Gas Safe Register discovered one in every five homes to be ‘Immediately Dangerous,’ and the appliances had to be unplugged right soon to make them safe.” An unlicensed gas fitter had completed the job in every case.”


Finally, it’s not worth it to save a few pennies if it means putting yourself and your family in risk. What can you do, though, to ensure that the gas engineer you’re employing is trustworthy?


How do you know you’re hiring a Gas Safe Engineer?

Don’t rely on initial impressions or personal recommendations. Before allowing anyone to work on your gas appliances, always ask to see a Gas Safe Register ID card. It doesn’t matter if they’re the nicest person on the planet; if they’re not registered, they should be sent away.

The reverse of the card will list the kind of jobs they are qualified to do. An engineer’s ability to repair a gas boiler does not imply that they are also qualified to repair a gas stove.

You may check if the engineer is registered by going to https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk and entering the 7-digit licence number found on their card. You may also text their number to 85080, which will return a text message confirming the validity of the fitter’s registration number.

If you suspect someone of being an illegal gas fitter, you can report them anonymously via the Gas Safe Register website.

A short check is all that’s required at the end of the day. A reputable gas fitter will gladly show you his identification card. Don’t be afraid to say no; there are always other gas fitters out there who are legal and will complete the work quickly and safely. At Elite Group we have only the best Gas Safe Engineers available for all your property needs, give us a call on 01325 466016 to book a service.


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